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Told you Benedictus will knee?!

As I predicted in yesterday’s post, this morning the pope went out from his window of his vacation palace at Castel Gandolfo, (really a beautiful small town on a nice lake about half an hour from Rome but I wonder what he is doing there vacationing while it is raining cats and dogs already 4 days in a row...) and bowed in front Islam. Well, he didn’t bowed literally; the window is too small at that palace. He actually didn’t really apologize even, he just played word games, some would call it diplomacy that maybe he got from Angela Merkel and said he doesn’t think like this medieval Roman Emperor he was citing from the other day. Yet he didn’t say what exactly in the phrases of this other guy are not corresponding to his own logic or thoughts.

Since it is not very politically correct to say that the leader of millions of followers, the reincarnation of Jesus on earth, is actually lying and he really do not support Mohammad’s ways of converting others. Lets say Herr Ratzinger was a bit overwhelmed by the world reaction to some very simple theological and moral thoughts he had and so he was just trying to save some churches at Nablus and gaza from burning up and maybe some more Italian nuns to get shot at the streets of Somalia.

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Two senior citizens living in Italy provoking Jihadist.

Two major figures in Italy have put the Islamic world to unrest in the last couple of days. Both of them are not young anymore and both probably used their old age to say what they really think.
The first is actually a German who lives in Italy. Papa Ratzinger, The pope. I don’t think it matters so much exactly what he said, who he cited, or what exactly he meant to say by doing so (as Merchel immediately hurried to public her interpretation of his ideas) the fact is that he managed to cause a strong reaction from some leaders of the “Islamic world” against “the Christian world”. Even in Gaza strip churches were stoned and vandalized.

Exactly a day after this immediate Muslim reactions (I really wonder if anyone of them really set down to read or listen to what he exactly said) another person who came to lives in Italy at his old age hit the news. Oriana Fallaci, (New York Times, or Washington Post)

(And who would that be? Answer at the bottom of the post)

I find it a bit ironic the immediate consequences and the timing. One was really very cautious of his words, but surly have a strong idea about this “other” religion. The other said to be secular that had never had any problem to say what she really thought regarding many things. Especially the sort of blindness of most of her compatriots regarding certain issues in the last years after the twin towers went down before her eyes.

Wile fighting her cancer inside her body she was trying to fight what she saw a cancer for the international society. In one of her moves she managed to get an invitation to sit and talk with pope Ratzinger after he took his position as the new leader of the Catholics all over the world.

Is his last speech a result of her moves and influence? We’ll never know, yet the fact is that after those meetings with him she said somewhere that she puts her hope in him in the fighting against “Jihad”.

Now we just have to wait till the pope will take back his words, “get on his knees”, like the previous pope used to do and ask excuse from the “Muslims”, like they demand from him to “or else”…
Guess no more people left like the Fallaci who will say out front courageously though very unpopular what they really think of that matter.


* Yes you got it right, this is an image that represent how hypocrites people can be in this country:
Oriana fallacy that was held for a trial in Italy for insulting Islam, was certainly did not held this painter and the gallery (not going to give him publicity and write names of course) who represented him in Milan on any trial of the sort. This show was made just a couple of month ago.

Hypocrisy goes much further here. at the days when her books “against Islam” where published I almost couldn’t hear a single voice supporting her or anything she wrote about in her books. She was totally isolated and the crowed as well as the media blamed her for “becoming an American”... ! yet since she died all newspapers in Italy prays her for being a “brave Italian”…

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just 6 minutes...

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